Who is Tanbrown Coffee?

Tanbrown Coffee is a queer, Asian owned coffee roasting business based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 2022 by Marissa Childers, a seasoned coffee professional who has won awards, judged in national competitions, and has worked her way up from barista to shop manager to educator to entrepreneur.

Tanbrown Coffee is focused on highlighting Asian specialty coffee to show that like Asian people, Asian coffee is not a monolith and has a lot to offer. Tanbrown Coffee is community driven and focuses on growing sustainably through local wholesale partnerships, pop-ups, and events.

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Meet Elyse Vongdara

Elyse is a production and roaster assistant from an Atlanta-based company, Tanbrown Coffee. She treasures being creative and expressing herself through graphic design, applied arts, and culinary arts. Working in coffee has allowed her to connect and learn from various communities apart from her own and inspires her to be an individual who values authenticity and sincerity making every coffee story beautiful. The big dream, as a Laotian-American, is to one day participate in the coffee trade with Laos and increase safety measures for farmers who are at risk of encountering UXOs (unexploded ordnance) as the market expands and profits from coffee growth.

Meet Marissa Childers

Marissa (also known as Mar) is the founder, head roaster, and lead hat-wearer of Tanbrown Coffee. After working in the coffee industry and exploring roles like working as a barista, education, shop management, and roasting, Marissa founded Tanbrown Coffee as a love letter to Asian coffee (an underrepresented growing region in the specialty space).

Marissa has since competed in national competitions as well as helped build Atlanta's coffee community. She hopes to share her love of coffee in welcoming and accessible ways because she believes that coffee should be enjoyed by all.

In their free time, Marissa enjoys dancing, climbing, skating, spending time with her dog pepp, and supporting local business.