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Tanbrown Coffee

Collaborasians 2023: Tanbrown x Slothee Coffee

Collaborasians 2023: Tanbrown x Slothee Coffee

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Why We Love this Coffee 💛🤎



Mar (they/she) and Jess (she/her) connected virtually in 2020 over a friendly competition game called Leaderboard Coffee. Their friendship bloomed over time as they got to know each other's coffee journeys and cheer each other on. Since then, they have both founded their own businesses revolving around their shared passion of coffee! This CollaborASIAN was born to combine both Mar's love for roasting coffee and Jess' love for coffee art.

This Limited CollaborASIAN includes:

- 1 x Tanbrown Coffee - Anaerobic Washed processed coffee from Thailand

- 1 x Tanbrown x Slothee Coffee - Asian Heritage Month Sticker Sheet


- Orders will be shipped out by the end of Asian Heritage Month (May 31

Our Impressions

This Coffee is Nutty and reminds us of chocolate dipped cherries